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structure.pngRecruitment Solution

New and Innovative business model resulting in high quality candidates

Utilisation of referrals and high quality networks of experienced professionals – this allows Carta to source passive candidates and identify scarce talent

Focus on candidate quality and sustainable relationships

HR Software Solutions

Web-based online exit interviews

Exit Interviews provide a continual stream of employee satisfaction data and allow quick identification for employee turnover. Exit interviews also provide an opportunity to measure the success of workplace initiatives. CARTA will set up an appropriate exit process for your organisation and will advise on how best to facilitate this process.

Online mentor management program

Mentorship programmes are now considered an essential component of best practice talent management strategies

Online evaluation of onboarding process


Recruitment process and strategy evaluation

CARTA will evaluate your recruitment strategy and processes in order to determine whether your organisation is positioned to attract the best talent in the market. CARTA provides expertise to assist your organisation in crafting an HR strategy which will allow you to leverage your talent in order to produce superior business performance.

Employment Value Proposition/branding (EVP)

Effective Employer Branding and EVP is critical to the success of any talent acquisition strategy and will result in an increase in the size of the talent pool, better candidate–organisation fit, greater employee engagement and improved performance and retention.

Exit Interviews

CARTA is able to set up an appropriate exit process for your organisation and will advise on how best to facilitate this process

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

CARTA is able to provide an outsourced Recruitment service (RPO) which will take care of all Recruitment issues within the business

Learnership solutions through Sparrow Foundation

Carta HR has partnered with Sparrow FET College in order to assist them in developing partrnerships with organisations they can work with regarding learnerships and skills development.
Sparrow are always looking to expand their learnership offerings, and have expert resources to develop Learnerships/Skills Development courses that would suit the Talent and BEE strategy of any organisation.

HR Research and Project Support

Carta HR is able to provide HR research and project support for organisations wishing to improve their knowledge and functional capability without employing additional full time resources.